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Happy 98th Birthday Elma! My mom Elma celebrated her 98th birthday at Optimum Senior this past November. My mom has had the privilege of living at Optimum since 2011. She has been lovingly and kindly cared for by Corriene and Nate Kelly, the owners, Nita and all their staff over the years. I think when you consider the option of placement for mom or dad, you always have so many things to consider. You know them and love them and hope that by moving them to a care facility you will be giving them a safer living situation and also enriching their lives. Corriene welcomes you and your parent to Optimum and makes certain that she understands what your parent needs to feel secure, happy and relaxed in their new home. The staff are warm and caring, meeting all their requirements with a smile on their face and giving them a sense of being a part of the Optimum family. My mom’s needs have evolved over her stay at Optimum and that is something to consider also. Every new requirement or sometimes challenge has been met with a willingness to find a solution or method of making things work. You really need to know that is something that few homes do with the sense of commitment that Corriene and her staff do. I always know that my mom receives the best care possible every day when she is at Optimum.

Tammy McCoy

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